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Jessiz Boutique Publishing Coloring Books

Jessiz Boutique Publishing is dedicated to creating a diverse collection of children's coloring books that reflect our core values. Each coloring book is designed to be more than just an activity; it's an opportunity for kids to explore their creativity, develop fine motor skills, and enjoy the joy of artistic expression. Our books feature a variety of themes that celebrate diversity, resilience, and the power of imagination, ensuring that every child finds something that resonates with them.

Join us on this exciting new chapter as we continue to empowerment through the timeless joy of coloring. At Jessiz Boutique Publishing, we are more than a brand—we are a community dedicated to helping children.

Girls of the World Coloring Book & Journal

Girls of the World is a delightful and empowering coloring book and journal designed to celebrate and inspire young girls everywhere. This unique book weaves together the joy of coloring with the introspection of journaling, creating a wonderful space for girls to explore their creativity, reflect on their thoughts, and embrace their individuality.

Alphabet with Monsters: Educational Coloring Book

Welcome to the wild and whimsical world of "Alphabet with Monsters" – a delightful coloring book that combines the magic of learning with the fun of creativity! This enchanting book is designed especially for kids aged 3 to 8, offering a captivating journey through the alphabet, where each letter is brought to life by a friendly, funny monster.

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